The Lodge

In the mid-1970’s, the estate house of Hidden Valley Inn was built by Julian “Bull” Headley as a family vacation home.  Designed for elegant yet casual comfort, the lodge included airy ceilings, open space and several fireplace lounges for cooler mountain nights.  It remained in the family for over thirty years until 2001, when the Roe family purchased the lodge, restored and renovated it to its current state.

The interior of Hidden Valley Inn’s main house emulates Victorian plantation style in decor, combining feminine accents of elegance with the the masculine attributes of  the lodge's stone hearths.  While intimate in size, the common areas provide ample space for relaxation and conversation. 

The lodge consists of Hidden Valley Inn's restaurant, bar, two sofa lounges, a conference room and pool terrace.  There are fireplaces in the foyer lounge, the library lounge, bar and conference room, making for a cozy atmosphere.  

All guests are accommodated in our cottage rooms and suites, just off of the main house via stone path.


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