Nikte' Ha Spa Services

Nikte' Ha Spa Services can be enjoyed in Hidden Valley Inn's Lodge or en suite.  Hidden Valley 's massage therapists are trained and licensed by the Holistic School of Massage and Spa Therapy.  

Relaxation begins at our front door.  Upon arrival, guests are treated to a hand-massage.  Strong, yet careful and knowledgable hands work your fingers, palms and joints releasing tensions and stress.   It is nearly impossible to resist adding Nikte' Ha Spa Services to your vacation stay.  Services are available a la carte or in many of our packages.  

Massage services include:

  • Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage
  • Full Body Massage (back, neck, arms, hand, head legs and feet)
  • Prone Face Down (back, neck, hands and arms)
  • Prone Face Down (back legs and feet)
  • Head and Neck (head, forehead and neck) 
  • Body Polishing (full body scrub with moisturizing and aromatic massage lotion)
All massages include stretches and joint release of by your choice.

Beauty services include:

  • Manicure (includes scrub, hand moisturizer massage, polish)
  • Pedicure (includes scrub, foot massage and nail polish)
  • Cleansing Facial
  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Hydrating Facial


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