Jungle Platforms

On Hidden Valley Inn's Reserve the Hidden Valley Institute has built several jungle platforms and resting areas.  Some of these platforms are 25x25 sq. feet in space and rest alongside the waterfalls and cascading streams.  At times these platforms are used for Yoga and meditation, hence the Sanskrit names, however, they are also resting places for peaceful viewing the surrounding environment and can also be used for hosting a private luncheon, small reception or   wedding.

Om Shanti

Just north of The Lodge, along the Motmot trail, the Om Santi, is nestled in a small broadleaf valley.  This platform is one of the easiest to access, and due to its location, can be visited on a self-guided  tour at sunset or during a sunrise hike.  Om Shanti is the perfect place to observe the jungle at dusk (when the animals first begin to awake).

Yokol Chen

Yokol Chen is perhaps one of the most picturesque platforms.  Also fairly close to The Lodge, this platform (pictured in the above frame), is a 20-30 minute walk from the Inn towards the Lake Trail.  An excellent place for catered lunch,  or small reception.

Awat Balam

Awat Balam is a "platform with a view."  Overlooking the escarpment at Tiger Falls, this platform sits at the top of the ravine surrounded by the pine forest.  While on the platform you cannot see the 800 foot drop, however, you can hear the rush of the waterfall vail and the mountain breezes through the pines as you look over and across the steep valley.

The Cub's Den

The Cub's Den along Kitten Creek is a thatched palapa with wooden floor used mostly for picnics and as a place for rest and reflection.  

The Palapa at Secret Pools

Located along the edge of one or the reserves's most picturesque waterfalls and pool, this jungle platform has a slate floor with two chairs and hammocks...a very romantic spot, the platform at secret falls is often used by honeymooners for private picnics.  Swim, lounge and sip champagne adjacent to one of mother nature's jewels.


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