High Wire Adventure for the Family

No family vacation would be complete without a high wire ride across the jungle canopy. 

Zip-lining helped put Central America on the tourism map, but there is nothing like zip-lining in Belize.  Glide over ancient Maya caves, rappel down walls of limestomes, admire the jungle,  cliffs and rock formations.  It’s a monkey’s eye view of our jungle.

The glide is part peaceful, part adrenaline rush.  Nature, wildlife and thrill ride combine.  Tours can be offered together with other activities including cave tubing for twice the thrill.



Safety is paramount.  Zip-lining adventures begin with a safety tutorial.  All guides and staff are fully trained in safety measures, lines and equipment is tested and inspected each day.

Zip-lining age limits vary, however, it is not recommended for children under 8 years of age.



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