Caving With Kids

Some of Belize's most exciting tours, for parents and kids alike, are inside our underground cave systems.  There are cavern adventures for all ages and temperaments; from hiking, swimming and even canoeing underground...but  the most popular among the younger generation is exploring by inner tube.

Donning headlamps, life jackets and old misshapen inner tubes, explorers hike through the jungle to Belize’s crystal rivers.  Plopping into to the water everyone paddles, floats and hikes through the jungle and then miles into the underground.

Belize’s caverns are vast, with giant ceilings and ledges that climb high above the river.  Inside,  the caves are dry, filled with crystal formations and the ancient remains of the Maya.  Pottery, flints, bones and footprints remain here, untouched, from rituals held long ago.  And pools of crystal and giant chandelier formations are nature's subterranean works of art.

Some cave tours float, some float. hike and climb, while others, such as the famous ATM tour, involves a little swimming and skill.  For the youngest adventurers or the less active,  the Barton Creek canoe cave tour offers a "soft" and dry cave river experience.

The inner tube cave tours are part ride, part exploration, part educational tour…a well rounded experience that entertains, (lightly) challenges and amazes our younger visitors.


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