Its all happening at the zoo

The Belize Zoo is an must-do for for families traveling with children of all ages.  The zoo is located along Belize's Western Highway, the road route visitors take from Belize City to the Hidden Valley Inn area.

Our zoo provides an up-close and personal view of Belize's indigenous animals.  A locally run operation, enclosures are less inhibitive to the viewing experience than, say, metropolitan zoos elsewhere in the world.  Just a fence and chicken wire separate you from the beautiful jaguars and pumas.  Every animal found in the zoo is also found in the wilds of Belize, so a visit provides a preview to our wildlife.

Noteworthy exhibits kids truly find engaging are the Tapir.  This large animal is relative to the horse, but with its snout, cloven feet and ears is quite unique to visitors from the north.  The howler monkeys which often shout back at visitors and guides with their unexpected and deep rolling roars. The cats are always a favorite among children, and snakes and spiders are typically enjoyed by the boys.  The bird exhibitions highlight our beautiful and animated raptors, toucans and other notable feathered friends.  

The Belize Zoo obtains its animals through rescue.  It relies on donations and admission to preserve these animals.

(*Tip: On your arrival day, plan to stop at the Belize Zoo and at one of the Western Highway restaurants on your way to Hidden Valley Inn.  This breaks up the travel day into a day filled with adventure as well.  When you arrive at Hidden Valley, your children will have already had a Belizean experience and you can enjoy the pool deck and lounge and a little R&R.)


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