romantic waterfall hikes

Every love story deserves a waterfall scene.  While the Hidden Valley Reserve boasts a number of waterfall trails, three falls in particular make for an excellent romantic expedition.

Secret Falls & Pool

Secluded under the shade of the broadleaf jungle, Secret Falls & Pool are made for a day of relaxation. At the edge of the pool a jungle platform sits, with slate floor, thatched roof and chairs and tables for dining.  Hammocks are strung from the trees and you can arrange a champagne and white linen picnic for two. 

Spend the day in languor, swimming under the 30 foot falls, climbing the surrounding rocks, dining, resting and enjoying the day utterly undisturbed.  Secret Falls can be rented for your private use.

Butterfly Falls

There are few places in this world where astounding natural beauty remains completely pristine, and even fewer where you can view these sites in complete privacy.  

At Butterfly Falls, an 80-foot single drop waterfall tumbles into a pool of sapphire and emerald blues.  On either side, rocks wet from the falls are lined with green ferns and orchids, and the beauty of the scene utterly takes your breath away.  Arguably, Butterfly Falls is one of mother nature's crowning achievements.  Undiscovered, protected and private...this storybook setting is where many of our brides and grooms wed.

Devils Falls

Devils Falls has its own, perhaps more playful, mood.  The steeper climb to through the mountain pine forest and along Crystal Creek eventually begins to roll downhill.  Small falls and a slide flank one side of the trail, and at its end, an impressive pool with good sun exposure and shallows await.  

Swim, under the short waterfall.  The pool backs up the the edge of the escarpment, where rock outcroppings separate you from the edge of the escarpment.  From here you can see across the green forest ravine as the land takes a dramatic plunge into a double drop waterfall below.


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