Canoeing the Macal River

One of the Cayo District's more popular soft adventures is canoeing down the Macal River.  The Macal is a gentle river with stone beaches perfect for beaching and taking a dip off of.  It is a fairly wide river with some cliffs and birdlife.  Along your paddle you will most likely encounter villagers going about their daily chores, families relaxing along the river, but mostly  quite stretches of jungle landscape.

The river is pristine and calm, shallow and for good swimming.

The thrilling part of this canoe ride happens when the giant black and orange iguanas, lazing in the trees that hang above, roll over and fall in.  These guys can grow to six feet, and while they are harmless, if you are not paying attention, it can give you quite a jump.

The canoe tour ends underneath the San Ignacio suspension bridge by the market in this Western Border Town.  Be sure to take some time to walk around this bustling center, a mix of cultures and generations exist in this bustling and vibrant place.


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