Nature Expeditions

Bring your binoculars, camera and hiking boots!  If it is the bounty of nature that draws you, Hidden Valley will not disappoint.  At 2000 feet elevation, the Reserve passes through the broadleaf jungle to the higher elevations and pine forest.  Granite mountains sharply drop off to such depths that the great raptors of the area soar below you , and virgin forests of bursting greens fill the ravines and where veils from the falls cascade from the lips of stony cliffs to meet them

In the jungle, below the canopy, wooden bridges cross crystal steams, and birds as bright as the tropical flowers light the branches overhead. Picturesque waterfalls, as if from storybooks, sparkle and glint just as the wings of the Blue Morpho butterflies that surround them do.  Hidden Valley is a natural wonderland.

Off-site, canoe trips down the Macal River provide a full day self-guided tour of the Cayo area.  And to see some of our fauna up close a visit to the Green Hills Butterfly Farm, the San Igancio Iguana Preserve or the Belize Zoo for a personal introduction.

Of course, if you have the chance to speak with one of the Conservationists working on the Hidden Valley Reserve (they often use The Hidden Valley Inn as a base), many great conversation are had in the lobby regarding what animals and birds they have seen in the area that day.


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