a cultural tour of our nearby village

The many cultures that make up the fabric of Belize's people are one of the most wonderful parts of Belize.  The Cayo District is home to Maya, Mestizo and Mennonite mostly, but Garifuna, Lebanese, East Indian, Chinese as well as our expatriates.  The Maya are the indigenous people of Belize, and their ancestors built the temples throughout the land.

Near to Hidden Valley is San Antonio Village.  Visitors can tour the village at a prearranged time.  It is a wonderful opportunity to view and experience another real culture.  

  • Tour a village home.
  • Learn about their cooking.
  • Experience their music and art.
  • Speak with the village elders.

This is not necessarily a tour, but a courtesy.  A pre-arranged visit where you are welcomed into the life of the Maya villagers for a day.


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