Hiking & Biking

Right outside of your Estate Cottage the hiking begins! 

Hidden Valley Inn provides a trail map and  two-way radio, and is careful to remind you to always bring water and insect repellent.  Self-explore or hire Ricky and Freddy, our resident guides, for a comprehensive tour.

Over 90 miles of trails are maintained by The Hidden Valley Institute,  well marked with signage and cleared and checked regularly.  The trails have been designed to take hikers and bikers through areas of the Reserve that are examples of outstanding interest and beauty.   Repairs and maintenance are done using the surrounding natural resources, stairs, bridges and ladders are crafted from felled trees.

Hikes include short-routes and all day excursions.  Along the way, resting places have been created and sometimes include hammocks, chairs and table and  jungle platforms.  Pack-lunches are available from the lodge, but for a special treat you can have your picnic set-up for you at a pre-arranged destination.

21-speed mountain bikes are available to guests for two-wheeling exploration.

While self-guided exploration is an excellent way to experience the property, we do recommend taking at least one guided tour.  The guides at Hidden Valley Inn bring their full knowledge of the Reserve and its flora and fauna to your expedition.   Their acute awareness of the surrounding nature truly enhances your experience as well as your likelihood of spotting examples of bird and wildlife.


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