The Trails in our Reserve

On the Hidden Valley Reserve there are a number of trails of particular fun for families with children.  Keep in mind,  when hiking with your family, a guide can bring new dimension to the walk, pointing out tarantulas, birds, boas and other wildlife.  Bring your binoculars and lunch.  Here is a sampling of our favorite trails for families and why:

The Cascade Trail

What makes this trail such a wonderful expedition for the family is that although it does not have any major vertical waterfalls, it has small swimming holes all along the way.  Kids and parents alike can stop, kick off their shoes and jump in, play under the falls, and jumping from the rocks.  

Also, the Cascade Trail is full of wooden bridges and ladders that climb over falls, between trees and over the creek - a virtual playground with there are picnic and resting stops along the way.  Plan on taking it slow for a full day of fun.

Devils Falls

This trail has steep hikes through the pine forest with a rewarding end.  The finale of this trail is a large swimming pool with sun exposure, shallows a ten foot single drop waterfall to play under, and a view over the escarpment and over the major fall.

Secret Falls

Under the shade of the jungle canopy, a giant swimming pool and sizable fall to swim under.  Secret falls has a jungle platforms, hammocks, chairs and tables and is a great place to park the kids for a few hours, they can swim and explore the waterfall while you relax.

Night Tours

When the sun goes down, the animals come out.  The noises of the jungle begin to rise and animals awaken to the cool evening.  While you may not actually "see" the animals, you can bet they are watching you.  The thrill of walking through the jungle and hearing the variety of sounds awakens your wilds of imagination.


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