Family-Sized Adventure

Belizean guides are some of the best in the world.  They require special training and licensing through the Belize government, and are very good at helping determine what adventures and tours are best-suited for children as well as how to best custom tailor a tour for that age group.  Here is a sampling of some of Belize's great family adventures accessible through Hidden Valley Inn:


Great for ages 7 and up.  

Lines are tested, safe and instruction and care by the guides are thorough...other than that, zip away.  Kids love the thrill of flying across the jungle canopy and dropping down to the jungle floor.

Cave Canoeing at Barton Creek

All ages.

Canoeing through the caves is unique to this area of Belize.  The Barton Creek Cave is deep and wide enough to paddle through, whit high cathedral ceilings and beautiful crystal and rock formations.  Inside the cave, artifact left from the ancient Maya,  and skeletal remains.  And, if you like, in the deepest part of the cave you can jump in and swim.

This is a half day tour.  And if you love to canoeing outdoors as well, we offer a self-guided river canoe.

Cave Tubing

Height requirement 40 inches.

Cave tubing is a great family fun adventure.  Don your inner tube, and after a short climb, plop into the cool river and drift into the underground world of Belize.  Mayan artifacts, crystal rock formation and the thrill of floating in the cool river make this one beautiful and unqiue tour the whole family will enjoy.


Ages 6 and Up.

A 2.5 hour tour on the beautiful Almond Lagoon.  The boat speeds along at 40 miles an hour, through mangroves and towards the manatee feeding grounds.  Here, the captain cuts the engines and the boat drifts along the water so visitors can view the beautiful manatee, gentle and graceful, in the water.  


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